ILTM/Cannes December 2013

ILTM/Cannes December 2013

Evening at Cannes Yacht Harbor

Cannes is resting on its Laurel’s of a bygone era.  Gone is the luxury and exclusivity of Onassis, Bardot and the high life of the 60 ‘s and 70’s.  Many of the hotels seem frozen in time. The city needs to breathe new life in itself, recapture the new jet set?

Having said all of the above, it is never a penance to be in Cannes!

The yacht harbor is still full of yachts and sail boats.  Beautiful shops line the Croisette, however every once in a while you see boarded up shop as well as the high end boutiques.

Food was great, however hard as I may try every morning I failed to find my cherished baguette with a true café au lait.

The show was excellent, full of energy with buyers and sellers interfacing and great business happening.  This was a very sophisticated crowd from all over the globe.

ILTM 2013 Booth

We were invited one evening to a reception and movie themed night at the Majestic Hotel.  The lobby and the entire downstairs salons were in use with multiple bars, great champagne flowing as well as wines and cocktails. The food stations were excellent and varied, from a hot savory custard with black truffle shavings (simply followed my nose to find this one), to a risotto with parmigiano, great beef, fish, passed appetizers, cheese station, dessert stations.  The desserts were the only real disappointment, although very creative they were overwraught and way too sweet.


The three day show is well worth the effort, time and travel.  Many opportunities to network and make new friends in the process!

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