Winter Surfing in Hawaii Isn’t Just for the Pros

Winter Surfing in Hawaii Isn’t Just for the Pros


While most of the world’s attention is on the big wave contests happening on the North Shore of Oahu, surfers of all skill levels will find the right conditions throughout the islands to catch the perfect wave.

Even if you’ve never touched a board before, the professional watermen who teach the sport once reserved for Hawaiian royalty will have you standing up and gliding through the water in no time. Private lessons are available for individuals, families, groups of friends – there are even wahine surf camps just for the girls!

More experienced athletes can take lessons from coaches who will take your surfing to the next level on larger waves – even on the fabled North Shore winter lineup – with sessions that may include Jet Ski tow-in or classic paddle surfing.

Your private surf guides can also lead you on a surfing safari of secret spots favored by locals on any of the islands, or help you customize your own board crafted by Hawaii’s world-renowned shapers.

Of course, your adventure wouldn’t be complete without the right accommodations! You can wake up and grab your board from a private home just steps away from some of the best breaks in the world, or enjoy all the amenities of a luxury resort and be picked up by your guide with all the gear you need for a day on the water.

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Photo courtesy of Hawaiian Tourism Authority

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