k-huk-heli2Uniqueness of each Hawai‘i island, it’s absolutely stunning, extraordinary natural scenery, and eleven of the world’s thirteen climate zones provide the ultimate backdrop for eco-adventure experiences, in the sky, on or under the sea, and on land.

How you experience it and with whom, is where our creativity, insider access, and “local experts” relationships come to life.

  • Air
    –  Exclusive Helicopters & Flightseeing
    –  Private Secluded Landings & Experiences
    –  Volcanos, Waterfalls, Ancient Fishponds, and Sea Cliffs up close
  • Sea
    –  Surf…Longboard, Standup, Wind, Kite
    –  Watch Whales, Dolphins, & Sea Turtles
    –  Swim with Manta Rays
    –  Power Rafting, Kayaking, Sailing, Fishing
    –  Snorkel, SCUBA, and SNUBA
  • Land
    –  Hike & Bike
    –  Horseback, ATV, Motorcycle
    –  Zip, Flume, & Clay Shoot
    –  Volcanos, Astronomy, Unique Farms

Destination Events

  • Ironman Triathlon
  • XTERRA World Championship
  • Honolulu Marathon
  • Billabong Pipeline Masters

For ideas, see Showcase