Culinary Explorations

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For those who “Live to Eat”, Hawai‘i prepares an ever evolving feast. World Renowned culinary leader, Hawai‘i boasts many James Beard award winning chefs, Iron Chefs, and those of the HRC-Hawai‘i Regional Cuisine movements, who create an explosion of flavors from delicate to layered and sophisticated.

Hawai‘i’s “melting pot” of cultures and its surrounding ocean, ranches, and farms provide the ingredients of this culinary paradise.

  • Private Chefs Events
  • Farm to Table Experiences
  • Chef Led Cooking Classes
  • Culinary Tours

Destination Events

  • Hawai‘i Food & Wine Festival
  • Kapalua Wine & Food Festival
  • Kona Coffee Cultural Festival
  • Maui Onion Festival

For ideas, see Showcase