Destinations Beyond

Luxe Travel Hawai‘i offers custom travel experiences beyond Hawai‘i to select destinations in the U.S. Mainland, France, and Italy.

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US Mainland & Hawai‘i

For those traveling from Europe or Asia, Luxe Travel creates tailor-made, multi-city tours across the U.S. Mainland and Hawai‘i…including top-tier cities such as New Orleans, Dallas, Houston, Austin, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, and Honolulu.


We cater exclusively to an influential and affluent international elite and we are unique in being able to present our privileged clients the best Paris and France has to offer.

Through venues, visits and events – normally only accessible to a happy few – each experience is tailored to satisfy our customer’s wildest dreams in the ambit of art, culture, fashion, gastronomy and more. The best season to plan your trip is when Paris is full of festivities, giving us the opportunity to create a truly bespoke travel experience that money normally can’t buy.

We look forward to creating your complete, tailor-made journey through Paris and France. Discover the “French art of living”…its heart and soul.

La Dolce Vita in Italy

The Sweet Life, immortalized by the now famous phrase.  ” La Dolce Vita”. Italy is vibrant, fecund, immortal in its beauty and mood.  Our travels to Italy are rare experiences with the best aenologists, indie chefs as well as famous chefs.  They are about discovery, rare moments and the magic that is Italy.

Let us create an experience that you will treasure, let our insider knowledge and access transport you to a place you thought you knew and beyond.

La Dolce Vita

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